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How to Crash (*.html) or Hang (*.htm) Internet explorer IE 9

  *.html version:To Crash/Stop working/Stack overflow IE 9use the tags below in an empty *.html file<table><td><form style=width:100%;margin:1><td width=1> I would somebody to test this PoC, and notify me if this also works for you.And is it possible to exploit the … Continue reading

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ComboBox IsReadOnly Vs IsHitTestVisible (Read only ComboBox)

  To make a ComboBox in WPF/DevExpress really read only and not being able to select another item use IsHitTestVisible to False, cause with IsReadOnly you can select an item in the ComboBox. IsReadOnly means you can select an item … Continue reading

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Change the Theme of DevExpress WPF Application in runtime

  To simply change the theme of your DevExpress WPF application during runtime use ThemeManager.SetThemeName(this, “Office2007Blue”); available themes are:    Seven   LightGray   DeepBlue   Office2007Black   Office2007Blue   Office2007Silver

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