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URL Rewriting in umbraco for search page and paging

I have a search page inc paging with the follwing url /search/?page=1&searchquery=A to rewrite this url to a more friendly url just open the file your_umbraco_website\config\UrlRewriting.config and add the following lines <add name=”Search” virtualUrl=”^~/search/(.[0-9]*)/(.*)” rewriteUrlParameter=”ExcludeFromClientQueryString” destinationUrl=”~/search/?page=$1&amp;searchQuery=$2″ ignoreCase=”true” />   also … Continue reading

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Umbraco contour form summary – Custom field type

Here is a small code to create a summary page in the 2e step of a umbraco contour form this code is for Umbraco 7+ with Contour 3 First create the contour form and call it forexample “ContactForm”, add 2 … Continue reading

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