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Get rid of Tinychat advertisement and other useless crap

in yr browser get to Developer console “Press F12” , or some other way if u have a diff browser.   all modern browser have dat Dev console, once u see it, copy and paste this script $(‘#right_block’).remove();$(‘#share-bar’).remove();$(‘#room_header’).remove();$(‘#header’).remove();$(‘#footer’).remove();   and … Continue reading

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Open or expand dropdown with javascript

  tiny code to open a dropdown by code and then use this to fire the event openDropdown(0);

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Horizontal Scroll any element with images or items inside of it

  here a simple function to scroll an element with items it for example images, just give the function the element, then 1 callback for the scroll up event, and another callback for the scroll down event. feel free to … Continue reading

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Detect up or down scroll event in jquery

  Here is a little snippet on how to detect the scroll event going up or down

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Best Practices For Branching with teams

Source Control Branch for Team. You branch to isolate sub-teams so they can work without being subject to breaking changes, or can work in parallel towards unique milestones. Development is branched from Main and used to isolate active development. Development … Continue reading

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System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Incorrect syntax near ‘<‘. MindScapeLightSpeed Entity

  When adding a 2e partial class for a lightspeed partial entity  class just to add extra properties i ran into this error and my 2e partial class looked like this and i only wanted to add a simple property … Continue reading

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404 Web Api Controller Path / Route not found in .Net Website

  When adding a Api 2.0 controller to your web forms project on staging or a local server all might work fine, but when moving it to a production server you might get the error that your api controller path/route … Continue reading

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Add Web Api controller 2.0 to old website project

To add an Web Api 2.0 controller to your old forms website project do the following steps First right click on yr website, and select add new item, and choose “Web Api Controller Class” and name it for example … Continue reading

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Umbraco Excel Macro that injects the Excell content into the RTE so it can be edited

Some code to to create an umbraco macro that takes an id of an excell sheet stored in the media lib and shows it in the RTE, but normally you can edit the content of an excel sheet in an … Continue reading

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Display image from umbraco 7 media picker in web page

Here is how to show an image from an umbraco 7 media picker, and show it on the web page <img src=”@Umbraco.Media(CurrentPage.myImage).Url” alt=”@CurrentPage.title” />

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