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Get rid of Tinychat advertisement and other useless crap

in yr browser get to Developer console “Press F12” , or some other way if u have a diff browser.   all modern browser have dat Dev console, once u see it, copy and paste this script $(‘#right_block’).remove();$(‘#share-bar’).remove();$(‘#room_header’).remove();$(‘#header’).remove();$(‘#footer’).remove();   and … Continue reading

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Open or expand dropdown with javascript

  tiny code to open a dropdown by code and then use this to fire the event openDropdown(0);

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Detect up or down scroll event in jquery

  Here is a little snippet on how to detect the scroll event going up or down

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System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Incorrect syntax near ‘<‘. MindScapeLightSpeed Entity

  When adding a 2e partial class for a lightspeed partial entity  class just to add extra properties i ran into this error and my 2e partial class looked like this and i only wanted to add a simple property … Continue reading

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404 Web Api Controller Path / Route not found in .Net Website

  When adding a Api 2.0 controller to your web forms project on staging or a local server all might work fine, but when moving it to a production server you might get the error that your api controller path/route … Continue reading

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URL Rewriting in umbraco for search page and paging

I have a search page inc paging with the follwing url /search/?page=1&searchquery=A to rewrite this url to a more friendly url just open the file your_umbraco_website\config\UrlRewriting.config and add the following lines <add name=”Search” virtualUrl=”^~/search/(.[0-9]*)/(.*)” rewriteUrlParameter=”ExcludeFromClientQueryString” destinationUrl=”~/search/?page=$1&amp;searchQuery=$2″ ignoreCase=”true” />   also … Continue reading

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Mini XSS Javascript Dos Attack

<script>document.location = document.location</script>

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JB-ACT – Thugnology – Hackers logo / emblem – created and copyright by JB

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Wikileaks insurance documents copy or read secret government documents now, by Me, JB-act spread it arround, its yr right 2 know download the full wikileaks insurance file, with the complete secret documents, its encrypted, hack it, or wait for the password … Continue reading

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DotNetNuke (DNN) Replace Tokens

here is a list of DNN Replace Tokens if you get “…. is unknown for datasource ….. ” that means the token is not used anymore or it has been replaced with something else [Portal:Currency] Currency String[Portal:Description] Portal Description [Portal:Email] … Continue reading

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