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Umbraco Excel Macro that injects the Excell content into the RTE so it can be edited

Some code to to create an umbraco macro that takes an id of an excell sheet stored in the media lib and shows it in the RTE, but normally you can edit the content of an excel sheet in an … Continue reading

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Display image from umbraco 7 media picker in web page

Here is how to show an image from an umbraco 7 media picker, and show it on the web page <img src=”@Umbraco.Media(CurrentPage.myImage).Url” alt=”@CurrentPage.title” />

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URL Rewriting in umbraco for search page and paging

I have a search page inc paging with the follwing url /search/?page=1&searchquery=A to rewrite this url to a more friendly url just open the file your_umbraco_website\config\UrlRewriting.config and add the following lines <add name=”Search” virtualUrl=”^~/search/(.[0-9]*)/(.*)” rewriteUrlParameter=”ExcludeFromClientQueryString” destinationUrl=”~/search/?page=$1&amp;searchQuery=$2″ ignoreCase=”true” />   also … Continue reading

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Umbraco contour form summary – Custom field type

Here is a small code to create a summary page in the 2e step of a umbraco contour form this code is for Umbraco 7+ with Contour 3 First create the contour form and call it forexample “ContactForm”, add 2 … Continue reading

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